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Diwali wish Script for Blogger and WordPress- Earn Money Online- 2020

Diwali is the Indian event of lights, usually enduring five times and celebrated through the Hindu Lunisolar 30 days Kartika. Probably the most well-known festivals of Hinduism, Diwali symbolizes the spiritual "triumph of gentle over darkness, good over evil, and understanding over ignorance".

in this instance, if you make the wishing website because of this Diwali and you will generate a good amount of visitors by viral it on the web, then you can certainly easily make good on the internet earning. and you want Diwali Wishing Script.

Diwali Wishing Script is an assortment of Html codes and pictures, which you can add to your Blogger and WordPress website. But it’s hard to make a script without the coding understanding, That’s why we produced a readymade Wishing script for you personally. you have to just follow several steps and you could create your personal wishing website in only 20 Min. Read the full article very carefully and must follow the steps.

How to Create a Diwali wish Script for Blogger and WordPress:

  • Create a new Blogger on
  1. Go to
  2. Sign Up on
  3. Login on Your Account.
  4. Click on "Create New Blog".
  5. Give a Unique name to Blogger.
  6. Blogger Created.
  • Go to the "Theme" Option.

  • Click on the Edit HTML option and delete the whole Code from it.

  • Download below File then Copy and paste the Given File entire Code.

  • Click on Save Option.

  • Refresh the Blogger.
  • Diwali wish website/Blogger Created.

Diwali wish Script Customization:

  • Change Website Address: To change the website address from the Code, you just have to search for  "<meta property=”og:url” . when you reach here you can see the Address of the website and can change the address with your site name.
  • Text and Image in the Website: In the given, we add some of the images and the text but according to your choice you can change the text and image from the code.
  • Adsense Ads Code: For Adsense code firstly you must have an adsense approval account to display ads on your Website to earn money from it .

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