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PowerPoint Tutorials - The Beginner's Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint Basic course || PART - 1

Basics of PowerPoint for Beginner's Guide 

This article is related to the basic of #mspowerpoint. if you are a beginner of Microsoft power point then you must have to know the Basics of Power Point. In the below video basic fundamental of power point are discussed. which will be benificial for you to make a presentation.

 In This Video You have to Learn how to make a basic presentation in PowerPoint. If you are new on Power Point and you don't know how to make a presentation then this video is very beneficial for you . 

Power Point Basics: Everything you need to Know to make a new Presentation

The Content we will Cover:

  • Open a Presentation
  • Create a new Presentation
  • How to save slide show.
  • Create a new slide show.
  • How to add Slides.
  • Insert Picture.
  • Insert Clip Art.
  • Format Pictures.
  • Format Fonts.
  • How to add Headers and Footers.

If you want to open a presentation then the following steps will be followed:

  1. Open the Microsoft Power Point.
  2. Go to File Option in Menu bar.
  3. Go to OPEN .
  4.  Alert  box will be appear on the screen , fill the name of the file which you want to open or select the file from your Laptop/PC .
  5. click on OK.

To create a new  presentation steps given below will be followed:
  1. Select FILE then New.
  2. Click on the "Blank Presentation" Option .
  3. Click on CREATE to create new presentation.

  1. Select FILE .
  2. Click on SAVE AS.
  3. Shortcut key to save the file is F12. you can also press F12 and then give the name to the file to save.
  1. Go to HOME Ribbon and select the  "NEW SLIDE" Button.
  2. Select the slide pane and  Press "ENTER" .
  1. Go to the INSERT Ribbon and then click on  the "Picture" icon.
  2. Choose the image file from the Computer and click on Select.
  3. Select INSERT from the Dialog Box.

  1. Go to INSERT Ribbon then click on Clip Art.
  2. Enter Select terms in Clip Art Search on the right and Select image.

  1. To resize the image , click on the image to surround  the image with a blue Box.
  2. Drag the Corner Dot away from the center to make it large and towards the center to make it smaller.
  1. Go to the HOME Ribbon and as per your choice changes to the font size and style of the Text.
  2. This home tab also allows you to change the all aspect of the font size and style. 

  2. This Dialog Box will allow you to add TIME and DATE on the haeder and footer.

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