MacBook Pro Keyboard Shortcuts || Part 1

Keyboard Short-Cuts are a very Good way to save the time and increase the productivity .In this Post you will see how to Save time and be more productive with Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS.

How to use your Mac without a mouse? When we do a task on the Mac Book Pro we do a sequence of clicks on mouse which decrease the productivity and consume more time . To resolve that problem Keyboard short or we can say keys combination is a good way. In this article we learn about more key combinations , read the full article very carefully .

MacBook Pro Key Combinations ppt : (Free Download)

keyboard shortcuts Mac users need to know (Video Tutorial) 

MacBook Pro Key Combinations :

Functional keys

F1        =  Help
F2       =  Edit
F3       =  Paste Name
F4       =  Repeat Last Action
F4       =  While
F5       =  Goto
F6       =  Next Pane
F7        =  Spell Check
F8        =  Extend Mode
F9        =  Recalculate all workbooks
F10       =  Active Menubar
F11       =  New Chart
F12      =  Save As

Control key + (a-z) 

Ctrl+A      =  Select  All
Ctrl+B      =  Bold
Ctrl+C      =  Copy 
Ctrl+D      =  Fill Down
Ctrl+F      =  Find
Ctrl+G      =  Goto
Ctrl+H       =  Replace
Ctrl+I        =  Italic
Ctrl+K      =  Insert Hyperlink 
Ctrl+N      =  New Workbook
Ctrl+O      =  Open
Ctrl+P      =  Print
Ctrl+R        =  Fill Right
Ctrl+S        =  Save
Ctrl+U        =  Underline 
Ctrl+V        =  Paste
Ctrl+W       =  Close
Ctrl+X        =  Cut
Ctrl+Y        =  Repeat
Ctrl+Z        =  Undo

shift key + Functional key 

Shift+F1       =  What’s this?
Shift+F2      =  Edit call comment
Shift+F3      =  Paste function into formula
Shift+F4      =  Find Next
Shift+F5      =  Find
Shift+F6      =  Previous Pane
Shift+F8       =  Add to Selection
Shift+F9        =  Calculate Active Worksheet
Shift+F10      =  Display Shortcut Menu
Shift+F11      =  New Worksheet
Shift+F12      =  Save

Control  + Functional key 

Ctrl+F3       =  Define Name
Ctrl+F4      =  Close
Ctrl+F5      =  XL, Restore window size
Ctrl+F6       =  Next  Workbook
Ctrl+F12      =  File open

ALT  + Functional key 

Alt+F1       =  Insert Chart
Alt+F2      =  Save as
Alt+F4      =  Exit
Alt+F11      =  Visual Basic Editor 

control  + Functional key 

Ctrl+F7       =  More window
Ctrl+F8      =  Resize window
Ctrl+F9      =  Minimize workbook
Ctrl+F10     =  Maximize window
Ctrl+ F11     = Insert 4.0 Macro sheet

Multiple keys Shortcut 

Ctrl+shift+ ^     =  Exponential format
Ctrl+shift+ &    =  Place outline border arround Selected  calls
Ctrl+shift+ _     =  Remove Outline Border
Ctrl++                   =  Insert
Ctrl+-                   =  Delete
Ctrl+shift+ F3    =  Create name by using names of rows & column
Ctrl+shift+ F6    =  Previous Window
Ctrl+shift+ F12  =  Print
Alt+shift+F1        =  New worksheet
Alt+                          =  AutoSum
Ctrl+                       =  Toggle/formula display
Ctrl+shift+ A       =  Insert arguments names into formulas
Alt+Down arrow =  Display Autocomplete  list  window