Meditation is defined as a Practice of Shifting the Complexity of mind to Peace, relaxation, and Mindfulness. Meditation is the Practice in which the Person uses Different types of techniques to relax, analyzing, and heal his/her body. The purpose of meditation is to cut off from the Complex world or thoughts and connect with your inner Soul. Meditation is not the process of analyzing, its just feeling and feeding Positive thoughts to the subconscious. Meditation is for Healing Purpose. There are multiple benefits to the following meditation. 
               For Meditation, you can use meditation Music of frequencies as background music. This music is composed of particular frequencies, that frequencies directly affect our mind and remove negative thoughts from the Mind / Subconscious Mind.

Meditation Music 

relax music

Ambient  Music To Concentrate - half Hours of Music for Studying, Concentration and Memory , Energy Cleanse

ambient music

Chakra Meditation Music | Healing , Activation & Balancing 7 Chakras

chakra music

Stress Relief Meditation Music |  Zero thoughts music

stress relief

law of attraction

Natural water, Forest, Birds relaxing music || Deep  Meditation Sound || Relax , Study

natural music

Lucid Dreaming Sleep Music || Clear Dreams Floating Music || Binaural Beats

sleep music

Happy music cheerful morning music to wake up and happiness

happiness music

House music - sensual mix musique bedroom music -Sexual Mix ¦ Sex and Slow Bedroom mix

bedroom music

Tibetan healing sounds cleans the aura and space removes all negative energy

Tibetan Music

Affirmations Removes All Negative Blocks ➤ Instills Extreme Calmness

Classical Indian Music Morning Ragas Meditation 

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