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Delete Gmail / Google Account Permanently and Download Gmail Data Backup

Gmail is ta free service provide by Google for sharing data and save the data on Google Drive . But to use that service we have to create a Google Account and after that only then we can use all these Services . But Today's life mostly people has there own Gmail or google account by which they take the benefit that is provided by Google Services .

                     Sometimes the user wouldn't want Google account anymore due to some personal or professional reasons . So they want to delete Gmail account permanently . but the main problem is that they don't know how to delete google account . This article is for those who don't know about that settings . Read the full article very carefully .

By using this trick the Account will be permanently delete and the all data in the account will be also delete . You cant send or receive any mails from that account . But Google give a option that before deleting the Account we can Download the Data from account .Due to any Condition if you delete your account before Download the data then there is no option to Recover your Data .

Delete Gmail / Google Account Permanently and  Download Gmail Data Backup 

(Video Tutorial) 


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