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MacBook Pro Keyboard shortcut Keys || Hidden Keys

Keyboard Short-Cuts are a very Good way to save the time and increase the productivity .In this Post you will see how to Save time and be more productive with Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS.

How to use your Mac without a mouse? When we do a task on the Mac Book Pro we do a sequence of clicks on mouse which decrease the productivity and consume more time . To resolve that problem Keyboard short or we can say keys combination is a good way. In this article we learn about more key combinations , read the full article very carefully .

MacBook Pro Key Combinations ppt : (Free Download)

Keyboard shortcuts Mac users need to know (Video Tutorial)

MacBook Pro Key Combinations :

Command+ Option + Alphabetic key

Cmd +  Option + H   = Hides all windows except the finders    window

Cmd + Option + N    = Creates a new smart folder

Cmd + Option + D     =  Use to Show /hide the Dock

Cmd + Option + V     =Moves the files in the clipboard

Cmd + Option + T     = Hides the finder window Toolbar

Cmd +  Shift + Space = Opens the soptlight menu

Cmd +  Shift + S            = Hide/Show the status bar in finder

Cmd +  Option + Y         =View a quick look slideshow of selected files

Cmd + Space                   = Opens the spotlight window

Cmd + Slash (/)               = Show /hide the status bar in folder

Cmd + Option + ESC    = Force quit an application

F8                                     = Choose another desktop using space

Ctrl + F3                          = Displays the Mission Control Screen

Cmd +  down arrow       = Show all open windows for the current  application using  mission  control

F11                                    =  Hides all windows to display the desktop using  mission  control

F12                                    =  Display your dashboard widget

Space                                 = Quick look

Cmd + Option + spacebar  = show the character viewer

Ctrl + cmd + F                          = use the application in full screen

Cmd + Tab                                  = It switches to  most recently used app.

Shift + cmd + 5                        =   Take a Screenshot

Cmd +  shift + N                        = create a new folder in finder

Cmd + ,                                           = Open preference for the front Application

Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + T          = Add selected finder item to the dock

Cmd +  Shift + U                       =  To Open utilities folder

Sleep,Logout Shut Down Shortcuts

Power Button                                   = Use to  turn on  Mac or wake from sleep

Option + cmd + Power Button =  Sleep the Mac

Ctrl + shift + Power button = Put your Display to sleep

Ctrl + Power Button                 = Display  a dialog asking whether you want to
                                                                restart , sleep or shut down

Ctrl + cmd + Power Button = force your mac to restart without
                                                                 prompting to save any open & unsaved

Ctrl + cmd + Media Eject   = Quit all appn, then restart your Mac

Ctrl + cmd + Q                         =   Immediately lock your Screen.

Shift + cmd +  Q                     = Log out of your MacOS user account.

Ctrl + option + cmd + Power Button = Quit all applications , then
                                                                                     shut down your Mac.

Option + Brightness up   =  Open display preferences.

Ctrl + Brightness up       =   change the brightness of your external

Option + shift + Brightness up   = Adjust the display brightness in
                                                                          smaller steps

Option key while double clicking  = Open item in a separate window ,
                                                                           then close the original window

Command key while double clicking  = Open any folder  in separate tab
Command key while dragging to another volume   = Move the selectd
                                                                                                                 item to the other  volume ,
                                                                                                                 instead of coping it.
Option key while dragging                =  To copy dragged item

Option + cmd while dragging =  Make an alis of the dragged item .
                                                                     The Pointer changes while you drag the item.

Option + cmd while dragging  = Make an alias of the dragged item.
                                                                     The pointer changes while you drag item

Option + click a window title  =  See the folders that contain the
                                                                     current folder.

Option + click a disclosure triangle  =  Within the selected folders
                                                                                      Open all selected folders 

Shift + cmd + (:)  =  Display the spelling and grammer

Cmd + Semicolon (;)  =  Find missplaced words in the document.

Option + Delete         =   word  Delete to the left of the insertion Point .

Ctrl + H         =  character  Delete  to the left of the insertion Point.

Fn + Delete   =  Delete the character to the right of the insertion point.

Ctrl + K         = Delete the text b/w the insertion point and the end
                         of the line or paragraph.

Fn + Up arrow =    page  Scroll up 

Fn + down arrow  =  Page Scroll down 

Fn + left arrow     =  Scroll to  beginning of the  document or at start point.

Cmd + Up arrow   = Move the insertion point to the beginning of the

Cmd + down arrow = Move  insertion point to  end of 

Cmd + left arrow   =  to the beginning of the
                                            current line ,  Move the insertion point to it
Cmd + right arrow =    Move insertion point   to  end of 
                                               current line ,                           

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