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How to insert Permanent Signature in Gmail E-Mail

Add Image , Text to gmail signature without URL

In this Aritcle we know about that How to Add Signatures on your Gmail account .Most of the people know about that how to add signatures and image on gmail but this article is for those people who don't know about that.

Basically Sending email to multiple persons is common in Companies/Offices and their is Need  to add our company signature at the end of the email. But when we compose email then Every time  we need to write signature again and again . This task is difficult to write the similar thing many times .These type of problems are very Time consuming. But Google platform gmail provides a feature. By using this we can add the signature in the e- mail settings  Once a Time and no need to write it again and again. When ever we compose a email the signature in the email body will be appear automatically .

There are many other problem During write email Signature like
  • can't upload image to gmail signature
  • gmail signature image disappears
  • insert image in email signature 
In this Article all these problems will be solved with very Easy way .Read the full Article very carefully .

How to Add Image,Text Signature to Email 

(Video Tutorial)

How to Upload Image,Text Signature on Gmail Email

Following are the steps by which You can add permanent signature on email :

  • Open Gmail Account . 
  • Go to Settings.

  • Open the "General" option .

  • Go to Signature and write the Signature in Text Box . You can also Edit the Font Colour, Size , Bold , Italic .

  • Click on "Insert Image" icon and choose the image from your Computer / Pc / Laptop .

  • Click on "Save Changes" .

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